Audio Services

The Development Studio provides a fully operational, professional quality audio studio. In addition to studio and field recording for course/web development projects, audio services can also assist with the remastering of recordings as well as the conversion of analog materials to digital files. Audio services are based in studio facilities located in Mezes 1.116.

Studio Recording

Girl operating sound board

Studio recording for instructionally related purposes

We have a large, professional-quality audio studio that can assist you with the creation of course-based podcasts as well as course materials such as narrated quiz/test questions or scripted readings.

Field Recording

Recording for courses and related events

Recording for courses and related events

Our engineers can also assist you with the recording of guest lectures, interviews, and other unique recordings, which will allow you to reuse presentations during future course offerings.

Audio Remastering and Digitization

Girl with headphones putting audio tape on reel to reel

Professional remastering from legacy formats

Our facilities are set up to allow for the remastering and digitizing of audio. We can convert audio cassettes, vinyl records, DAT, mini-disc, and most reel-to-reel media to a CD or mp3 version.

Sound Design for Video

Screen capture of digital audio workstation

Digital tools are used for sound design editing

If you have a need for sound design for a video, we can be of assistance. We can help with all aspects of the audio track for your video.

for more info, contact:

Michael C Heidenreich | Audio Services Manager | 512-471-0025